Lindskov-Thiel Ranch


20,000 Source-Verified Angus & Charolais-cross Feeder Calves

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Source & Age Verified

Ranch-raised in western & central Dakotas

Complete health programs & records

Proven feeding genetics.
Carcass history available

All ranches using Lindskov-Thiel Ranch genetics

Loads from 100 to 1,000 head
Available private treaty or auction

Weaned calves available after Sept. 1.
Backgrounded calves available after first of year

Most cow herds are black or black-baldy cows

Thank you for your interest in Charolais-cross and Angus feeder cattle.

As a Charolais and Angus seedstock producer in western South Dakota, we have set up a feeder calf program to help facilitate contacts between our commercial bull customers and feeders or backgrounders that are interested in top-quality Charolais-cross and Angus feeder calves. There are no charges or fees either to the buyer or the seller for this service.

The feeder cattle on this year’s listing represent some of the finest feeder calves in the western and central Dakotas. The ranchers that raised them are dedicated to quality. And that quality is reflected in their calves. Past feeding history and data are available on many groups of these calves.

As a seedstock producer, Lindskov-Thiel has focused on carcass testing our genetics. Using both national sire tests and our own testing program, we have completed carcass testing on 25 or more of our Charolais and Angus sires.

We are committed to testing for beef traits from birth to slaughter. Additional information on any of our herd sires is available for the asking.

Bred Commerical Heifers with Lindskov-Thiel Genetics

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of available commercial bred heifers.

We now have a listing solely dedicated to bred commercial heifers.
These heifers are either carrying Lindskov-Thiel genetics or are bred to Lindskov-Thiel sires.

If you are in the market for top-quality bred heifers, carrying calving-ease Charolais and Angus genetics from Lindskov-Thiel, take a look at the groups of heifers in this listing.

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