Lindskov-Thiel Ranch


LT Citation

Citation’s impressive performance, ultrasound data and phenotype are rolled into one as he follows in the footsteps of the many trait leaders dotting his pedigree. Rising to the top in their contemporary groups, his progeny’s individual data is only overshadowed by their good looks, gentle dispositions and large scrotals.

Citation sired the high-selling sire group at 8 Story Farms Bull Sale in Missouri. As an individual, Citation is wide-based and deep-ribbed with excellent feet and structure. His stats - BW: 88 lbs.; Adj. WW: 975 lbs., Ratio: 122; Adj. YW: 1545 lbs., Ratio: 117. ADG: 4.10 lbs.; REA Ratio: 109; IMF Ratio: 168. His dam’s averaged 106 weaning ratio on her first five calves. Homozygous Polled

Son of LT Citation

Semen: $25 per straw; $35 signing fee.

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